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#16 / My shopping behaviour is either whimsical, or a result of the malt whiskey which has been in my system since birth

#16 / My shopping behaviour is either whimsical, or a result of the malt whiskey which has been in my system since birth

Sometimes I come to – as in enter consciousness – during a meeting, or at the very end of one, and my mind is completely, perfectly, and utterly blank. Nothing that’s been said has even gone in one ear.

Good thing I don’t snore

I wasn’t going to say anything, but since Daisy’s sitting on the couch behind me, trying to be not obvious about reading over my shoulder, here goes. Daisy is no longer editing my blogs. This situation may be only temporary, depending upon her willingness to use her manners and/or discretion. She simply can’t keep on contradicting me, and the way she rolls her eyes and then rolls on the floor gasping over very simple statements like the one above, has been getting on my nerve.

But back to the verb of the day: Blanking

It’s the same for movies, podcasts, paragraphs, songs, conversations, etc. Same thing sometimes happens with food. I can’t believe I’m at the bottom of the bag/bowl/box/etc., and I remain unconvinced and suspicious of Daisy until the following morning, when the puffiness has firmly set in.

Also it has been known to happen with shopping. For instance, it happened with some boots only a few days ago.

They are darling, baby blue, and for girl cowboys, although I have no immediate plans to attend a radio (autocorrect assumed I would more likely attend a radio than a rodeo). They are available (in limited quantities) in my size, which is really the only criteria I require. Also, they are a very good price, considering. (That’s what the vet kept saying about Daisy last time we went – I’ll type this fsat while she;s not booking – he kept saying, while poking and prodding, that this or that looked good considering and I finally said considering what and he answered, but I’d seen the look in his eyes first, and also the way Daisy looked up through her cataracts and greying eyelashes, and I decided to hum the theme from Pokaroo instead, which effectively drowned out everything he was saying.)

The other verb of the day? Ostriching

I have made a nice little gif for you here, showing a few of the items I have removed from carts over the past little while, consisting of: a cooler in aqua, a baseball hat, a paddleboard, a unicycle, an indoor swing, a Pearl drum set, a rock polisher, an indoor ping-pong table made out of oak, an above-ground swimming pool, various jumpsuits, and of course, the baby blue boots which did NOT actually come out of the cart after all. They came to my front door instead.


The final verb of the day is Decarting, as in removing ridiculous items from your cart before you confirm anything, and should not be confused with Descartes, as in Réne, who so aptly describes what I’ve been trying to say all along, in just two sentences, the show-off:

“The intellectual abstraction consists in my turning my thought away from one part of the contents of this richer idea the better to apply it to the other part with greater attention. Thus, when I consider a shape without thinking of the substance or the extension whose shape it is, I make a mental abstraction.”*

These are the shapes I usually make:


Thanks for reading. Have a great weekend!

*The Cambridge Companion to Descartes' Meditations. Cambridge University Press. p. 278. ISBN 978-1-107-72914-8. (now look who’s a show-off)

#17 / At the risk of sounding like you-know-who, some of my favourite things

#17 / At the risk of sounding like you-know-who, some of my favourite things

#15 / Thank you for your divided attention

#15 / Thank you for your divided attention