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The problem with microdosing is that before too long you want another microdose

The problem with microdosing is that before too long you want another microdose

And I’m not talking about LSD or any other psychedelic acronym. As I’ve already said, no more of that for me thank you, but I’ll have another holiday, please, and make it a double. Also, on the double as in tout de suite, or even tout de smallish room as long as there’s a view.

Did you know about the de? I didn’t

I had to look it up because I very much wanted to put an e on the end of tout, which I still think looks better, but Mirriam disagreed again, the little snit, and that’s when I found out about the de. Makes me wonder what else I’m missing – a conversation you don’t likely have time for – but you do have time for what I’m not missing because it’s singular, and as far as I can tell, it’s something that everybody else is missing.

Including Hollywood and the entire Academy, which incidentally, I plan on thanking one day. I’ve already got the shoes

I’ll get back to that in a minute but there’s something going on right now, or not going on actually, that you should know about. It’s 5:25 am. I am drinking coffee, iced and weak which is almost like giving it up I hope because – and this is a theory I heartily disagree with/am in denial about – I’ve been told that coffee may be related to my breathing problem. Gak. Ok it’s 5:26 am right now and the problem has been solved. The sun is coming up and it looks like we’re in for another day.

I apologize for my unreasonable assumption, which I blame squarely on the iced coffee. Especially since I make it at night, pick it up from the fridge in the morning like a drive-through, and gulp it down before consciousness has even had a chance to set in. Going from sleep to frazzled in 20 seconds does not encourage competent thought.

And now, as Brad said, back to Hollywood

I’ve been walking to the GO station lately because parking has become a sport and unless you’re feeling tip-top and super-competitive at the end of the day, it’s no place for you.

When the rush hour train gets in, it’s like the running of the bulls. It’s a massacre

I mostly listen to podcasts at the gym – which was much easier to give up than coffee – but for the walk to the GO, I listen to music, and, inspired by snippets of the Bohemian Rhapsody movie I’ve seen on TV, I’m listening to Queen. I guess it – whatever it is – was on repeat because I quite happily listened to the title song four times and a bit before I got to the station this morning.

On the way home, I chose a different song, or rather it chose me

The Roundabout by Yes, a song I could have mentioned in the nostalgia blog because it sure gave me a few blasts. “It” was still on repeat, something I have since conquered I hope, so I listened to the song two and a half times, and that’s when I started to wonder.

Isn’t the Bohemian Rhapsody plot – or at least sub-plot – that the song is of record length, and if you like that homonym, I’ve got some more up my sleeve which I will dole out when I think of them.

It was such a struggle for everybody in the whole movie to wrap their heads around the completely unheard of and apparently very risky six minute song. The way they went on and on about it you’d think it was the longest song ever but you – and everybody else – would be wrong because Yes produced The Roundabout four years before Queen got all tied up in knots about their song, which was an entire three minutes shorter.

So there you have it – the truth – I hope

Also I’d like to know where all the actors with buck teeth are and why they’re not protesting. Shouldn’t a real buck-toothed actor have been cast rather than have Rami Malek wear silly and slightly overdone, if you ask me, prosthetic teeth? I mean remember the kerfuffle about My Left Foot? And remember Joseph Fiennes playing Michael Jackson in whatever movie that was? When the casting news came to light, Mr. Fiennes’ stupid comment went something like this: “I'm a white, middle-class guy from London. I’m as shocked as you may be.”

So there you go. Take it all with a grain of salt. Actually, since it’s the weekend almost, make that about fifty grains of salt right before your shot of Tequila, which looks very nice with a capital T, whether Marriam would agree or snot.

That was an actual typo, honestly and for real, and I know that my refusal to fix it is a clear indication that my maturity level is on the decline yet again. Also to this point, I typed her name incorrectly on purpose, both times

Have a great weekend everybody and thanks for reading.


Do you think flower-coaching can be a real thing?

Do you think flower-coaching can be a real thing?

So now I can read minds

So now I can read minds